Donna Halper Interview

We are honored to have, as our first guest in this series of interviews, one of the very first and most important fans of Rush, Donna Halper.

As most of you know, Donna is credited with discovering Rush. What many people may not know is she’s also an accomplished author, educator and media historian who recently successfully defended her dissertation for her Phd.

Late in 2010, Donna took some time from writing her most recent book on the history of Boston radio (which has since been released) as well as her dissertation and graciously invited us to her home outside of Boston to discuss that little Canadian band. She’s an amazing storyteller and I would highly recommend going to see her speak if she’s ever in your town. We trimmed our discussion down to under 20 minutes, though it easily could have been over an hour.

I hope this video will not only be an informative look at Donna Halper, but also serve as a tribute to an amazing woman.

Donna Halper, with the album that started it all in 1974.

Donna Halper is online @ http://www.donnahalper.com/
Her books are available here on Amazon.com and anywhere fine books are sold.

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