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Hemispheres Bio:

The band now known as Hemispheres was started in 2003, although its roots date back another 30 years with all three members listening to Rush and playing the material in other bands and side projects as Smokin-ash (Chris), Prowler (Sgeddy), Theme (Sgeddy & Joel), Forgotten Child (Sgeddy), C J C (Chris, Joel & Sgeddy) ……….etc!

Chris Jolin and Richard (Sgeddy Red) Cain had been playing the material off and on for fun since their early 20’s with a drummer, Joel Clark. But, that is another story for another day.

The idea of a working, performing Rush Tribute act came about in the winter of ’03 when drummer Phil Antkowicz auditioned with Chris and Richard. The gigs were few and far between in those days. Then, in 2006, things started to roll. The band made regular appearances, which including notable venues like the Grand Emporium, Davey’s Uptown, and game day performances at Arrowhead Stadium.

That summer, the band suffered a serious setback when Chris was diagnosed with a very serious illness and was laid up in the hospital for over two months and out of commission, musically, for entire year. During this time, Phil moved on.

The search for a new drummer began late in 2007. Enter Alan Wilds, who joined Hemispheres after playing with local cover band Identity Crisis, the previous two years. Ironically, Hemispheres and Identity Crisis shared the stage during the 2006 Cover Wars battle of the bands finals!

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