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In 1982 Modern Drummer magazine held their first Neil Peart giveaway contest. It was an essay contest where contestants were asked to summarize why they should win Neil’s Permanent Waves-Moving Pictures-Exit Stage Left drumkit. Qualifying submitted essays would be judged by Neil himself.

At the urging of a close friend a (then) young Adam Roderick from Concord, California entered the contest reluctantly. A few months after entering the contest Adam got a very surprising phone call from Neil himself telling him that he was the lucky winner. In disbelief Adam accused Neil of being an uncle “back east” playing a trick on him not realizing he was speaking to the man himself. Adam wrote in his essay about growing as a drummer and utilizing the kit to that end. Neil was duly impressed and awarded the drums to Adam in the fall of 1982. He soon became known as “the guy who won Neil’s kit” around Concord, with many claiming to know him. Even to his face. One such kid who did know him was another young drummer named Jim Diaz.

During the late 80’s Jim and Adam became closer as friends and began playing in bands independent of each other and sometimes replacing each other or subbing for each other. They played together in a band called Matrix with Jim filling in on bass and later replaced Adam on drums. Matrix played Yyz as part of their set, because of Adam and the drums.

In the late 90’s when Rush’s future seemed in doubt Adam and Jim decided to take the drums out and “play their music” so that other fans could enjoy the drums as well as have some fun playing Rush music live, which seemed a rather daunting task at the time (and still is of course). In 1998 Trilogy was formed, along with guitarist Ted Andrews. Ted eventually bowed out in late 1999. The Trilogy project was shelved until Adam met a neighbor’s son who happened to be a guitar teacher and serious Rush fan. Chris Meek joined forces with Adam and Jim around 2001 solidifying the lineup. Since the return of Rush to recording and touring Trilogy has taken up the mantle of playing songs that Rush themselves seldom perform catering to the long time hard core fans, as well as some of the concert staples and hits.

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