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What would it take to create the ultimate Rush tribute act? When Sam Albidone, formerly of 2112; A Tribute to Rush, connected with Ken LeBoeuf and Greg Croft, formerly of Rush tribute band Jack Secret, this is the question that they asked themselves…

Above all, it would take a group of three talented musicians that would have the dedication, attention to detail, and technical abilities to accurately execute the complex music of Rush. But it would take more…

It would take practice, practice, and more practice! It would take a serious commitment by each player to continually critically listen to and refine the parts that they are responsible for playing. It would take the desire to recreate the experience of seeing Rush live in concert.

And that was the challenge that Wavelength accepted…

Individually, each member brings his outstanding skills and mastery of his instrument. Collectively, as Wavelength, these excellent musicians deliver the best Rush tribute act that Canada has ever experienced.


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